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The Netherlands has a population of 15,892,000, which is approximately the same as the number of people who live in the state of Florida (15,982,378).The infant mortality rate is 4.42 deaths/1,000 live births, and life expectancy is at 75.4 years for men and 81.28 years for women. Across the board, the numbers are better than those for the US.

Per capita GDP is normal for a European country at $23,100. The Netherlands spend 8.7% of GDP on health care, or $2010 per person per year, 46% of the US's $4373.

The health care system in the Netherlands is very similar to that in Belgium; health care is primarily financed by employer-employee social insurance. Health care is provided by private not-for-profit institutions, and the compulsory health insurance system is financed through sickness funds. 70% of the population is in the public health care system. 30% of the population (mostly civil servants and high-income groups) has private insurance, because they are not eligible for social health insurance. There are currently plans to convert the entire system to a tax-based one.

Most primary care physicians are in a solo office practice (54%) or practice in small groups. Reimbursement is by capitation for "public patients" (2/3) and via fee-for-service (1/3). Specialists are salaried and are restricted to hospitals.

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