Table 1

Sources of Health Care Funds, 1995

Federal Government

Payroll taxes for Medicare 11%
Medicaid, balance of Medicare, and other federal programs 20%
Medicare Part B premium 2%
State & Local Government 11%
(Total Government) (44%)
Households 26%
Premiums 7%
Out of pocket 19%
Business 28%
Employee health insurance 25%
Worker's compensation ins. 2%
Non-Patient Revenues 3%
Total 100%

Note: These numbers may differ slightly from those in other sources. This table shows expenditures by federal, state, and local governments for employees' healthcare as spending by businesses, not as public sector spending.

Source: Cathy Cowan and Barry Braden. Business, Households, and Government: Health care Spending, 1995. Health Care Financing Review 18(3):195-210; 1997.

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