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Single Payer Supporter to Run for Michigan Attorney General

State Representative David Gubow (Huntington Woods) plans to run for Michigan Attorney General, hoping to fill the spot left vacant after Frank Kelley retires from the position.

Gubow has been a long-time proponent of a single-payer health care system, for several years now the lead sponsor of "Michicare," the state version of a single-payer health care bill.

It is important to remember the key role that Frank Kelley played last year as Attorney General in keeping Columbia/HCA out of Michigan, defeating the mega-corporation's attempt to take over Michigan Capital Medical Center in Lansing.

No doubt, in the future there will be aggressive attempts by Columbia and other for-profits to move into the Michigan market. It will be crucial to have a friend in the Attorney General's office if we are to stave off the local for-profit takeover of health care.

If you would like more information about Gubow's campaign and how you can be involved, contact his office:
State Capital Building, Lansing, MI 48913
phones 517-373-0478 or 248-542-1603

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This page posted July 4, 1998.