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Labor Notes Provides Forum on Health Care

Labor Notes held its bi-annual conference April 18-20, providing yet another arena for union activists to be heard and providing ample opportunity for health care workers to share concerns and strategies in both formal workshops and informal caucuses. Health care workers spent much time addressing quality of care issues and the need for health care reform. They were able to draw unionists not working in the health care industry into these discussions.

Participating health care workers agreed on a number of specific projects, including working with Physicans for a National Helath Plan, Nurses for a National Health Plan, Universal Health Care Action Network, and similar groups. It was agreed to set up an information exchange about HMOs, Columbia/HCA, and other major companies in the industry. It was additionally decided to develop a draft document on what single-payer means for health care workers.

The interest and attention given to the single-payer issue by health care workers from all fields and across the country is encouraging for MichUHCAN and the work we do.

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Last revised January 31, 1998