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MichUHCAN part of "Mahaffey Briefing Group"

MichUHCAN members Ed Pintzuk, Pat Cason and Susan Steigerwalt have been representing MichUHCAN on an advisory committee to Maryann Mahaffey's office as part of her effort to develop a program to highlight the impact of health care cutbacks o n Detroit residents and to protect Medicaid recipients in Detroit. (Maryann Mahaffey was the President of the Detroit City Council, and is currently a member of the Council.) This advisory committee is currently proposing a three-part "Council/community briefing on health and managed care issues," to be sponsored by the city council and taped for dissemination to the community by public and cable television.

Pintzuk pointed out at our last meeting that MichUHCAN is the only grassroots organization of our kind invited to be part of this committee, indicating the respect that we are gaining for our commitment to and expertise on health care reform.

Watch for more information on the proposed briefings.

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This page posted November 2.

Last revised January 31, 1998