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U2K: Make Health Care Central in 2000 Elections

MichUHCAN's parent organization, the national Universal Health Care Access Network, is launching a campaign they call "U2K." UHCAN leaders call it a first step in the reform process, a way for the American people to clearly declare to politicians that we need universal, comprehensive, quality care. Statewide MichUHCAN and the Detroit Chapter are considering whether to commit energy and resources to the U2K campaign.

The immediate goal of U2K is to make the need for universal health care a central part of the 2000 elections.

Activists in the U2K campaign will gather organizational endorsements for a simple statement in favor of universal health care (of course, organizations are also encouraged to donate money to help the campaign). Using these endorsements, activists will press candidates to take a stand for universal health care.

Not Talking Single Payer

In 2000, the U2K Campaign will not take a stand on the best way to achieve universal health care. This plan, to discuss the need for reform without talking about the single-payer solution, is controversial with some MichUHCAN activists. UHCAN leaders say discussions about a single-payer plan will have more meaning after the demonstration of a strong political thrust for universal care in 2000.

At the same time, UHCAN hopes to strengthen, not replace, other reform efforts now underway. They hope to unite backers of reform under a broad umbrella and create some momentum for change.

Here is the U2K Campaign Statement:

"We believe that:

  • - everybody needs access to comprehensive quality health care.
  • - health care is a basic human need and a basic human right.
  • - the 1990s, market-based solution to America's health care problems is failing and the crisis is getting worse.
  • - it is a moral outrage and a national disgrace for the United States to be the only long-standing democracy to enter the next century without a national guarantee of health care for all its people.

"We commit our organization to:

  • - use the 2000 elections as the beginning of a sustained effort to ensure comprehensive, quality, affordable health care for all.
  • - work with other groups and associations towards this end.

"We call on all candidates running for office in 2000 to commit themselves to making universal health care a goal to be achieved early in the next century."

In Detroit, we plan to make a decision about the U2K Campaign at our December meeting. Information on U2K is available from UHCAN's national office in Cleveland, 216-241-8422.