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All sales are through Amazon.com. The Detroit chapter of MichUHCAN receives a referral fee from Amazon.com for any items you purchase (books, CDs, etc.) whenever you get to their web site by clicking on a link from our web site. We would appreciate it if, whenever you make a purchase from Amazon.com, you come to this web page first and click on any of the links provided below. If you get to Amazon.com any other way, the purchases will cost you the same, but MichUHCAN will get no referral fee.

Please note: Just clicking on a link on this page does not obligate you to buy a book. It only takes you to a page on Amazon.com where you can find price, shipping, and other information.

One book we strongly recommend is Universal Health Care: What the United States Can Learn from the Canadian Experience
by Pat and Hugh Armstrong with Claudia Fegan, M.D.

To read our review, click here.
To purchase the book, click here.

MichUHCAN will receive 15 percent of the purchase price of this book.

You can search Amazon's database to see if they carry any other item that would interest you.

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In Association with Amazon.com You can go directly to Amazon's own home page just by clicking the icon on the left. Please remember, if you are going back to Amazon at a later date (for any purchase), you can help to support MichUHCAN just by returning to this page and clicking the icon.

MichUHCAN will receive 5 percent of the purchase price of any item you buy at this "shopping session."

If you know of any book sold by Amazon.com that we should be promoting on this web site, please e-mail MichUHCAN.