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Our on-line bookstore features an excellent book entitled Universal Health Care and carries every book, musical CD or tape, and videotape that Amazon.com has.

Amazon.com handles all the ordering, billing, and shipping. We get a commission on sales made through our web site. It is a pretty painless way for you to donate some money to MichUHCAN.


the on-line version of our 2001 booklet, "In Every Other Country ..." Comparing Health Care Systems and Results;

a look at how 17 other countries compare to ours, in results and in the effectiveness with which they spend their health care budget. Perhaps, if we can understand how it is done better and cheaper elsewhere, we might bring ourselves to do as well and as cheaply here.


The on-line version of our 2000 trifold pamphlet, We Can Do Better, and the new, 2001 edition.


The on-line version of our one-sheet general-purpose flyer, United States Health Care.

Financing Single Payer:

Edie Rasell has produced this short, easy to read, and convincing study demonstrating a reasonable and equitable method of financing universal health care with minimal disruption to the current collection of taxes.

Patient Issue Report Form:

If enough patients protest enough times, some problem areas in health care can be identified and they can be improved. To encourage the recognition of these issues, MichUHCAN is making this "Patient Issue Report Form" available. You can use this form to organize and record your complaint about staffing at a hospital, treatment at a clinic or doctor's office, denial of coverage by your insurance carrier, or any similar issue.


Each cartoon is a link to the web site of the originator of the artwork; just click on the cartoon to see more from this artist.

Crankshaft: Doublecross Insurance

Crankshaft Comic Strip Web Site

Frank & Ernest: Saving Medicare

Frank and Ernest Comic Strip

More Cartoons

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