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Preserving a Measure of Rationality

by David Green

Michigan's Certificate of Need Program has recently come under attack by members of the Republican-controlled state legislature, who feel that this is unwarranted regulation of private enterprise.

The Certificate of Need Program requires health care providers who invest in new capital (like MRI units, CT scanners, radiation oncology units, etc) to obtain a Certificate of Need from the state; they must demonstrate the need for this new capital equipment.

The Certificate of Need Program provides some small measure of rationality to health care expenditures in Michigan, and also provides a limited measure of equal access to health care services. Therefore, at the April 2 MichUHCAN statewide steering committee meeting, the steering committee approved a motion to co-sign a letter along with the Economic Alliance of Michigan in support of the Certificate of Need Program.

We are also sending a letter to the Economic Alliance noting that this is only a limited measure on behalf of universal access to health care, and that the real solution to the health care crisis is single payer national health insurance.