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MichUHCAN Newsletter for September 2001

An International Buffet

featuring foods from 28 countries with a single payer health care system will be hosted by MichUHCAN (Michigan Universal Health Care Access Network).

The speaker will be Claudia Fagan M.D., from the Rush Memorial Center in Chicago, past president of Physicians for a National Health Program.

Tickets are $20.

Saturday, October 13, 6:00 p.m.
UAW Local 417
1640 Stephenson Hwy, Troy

(Exit I-75 at 14 Mile, go west one block to Stephenson. It's north of 15 Mile on the east side, by the flag pole.)

For tickets call Pat Cason-Merenda, (313-893-7453) or mail your order to her at 42 W Hilldale, Detroit MI 48203. (Include your name, mailing address, number of tickets desired, and payment.)

Many Michigan Mothers Lack Health Insurance

(Reprinted from the June-July 2001 newsletter of the Oakland County Welfare Rights Organization)

In 1999, the last year for which data is available, 12% of mothers in Michigan (161,000) were uninsured. Due to higher wages and the strength of unions in Michigan, the state has a smaller proportion of uninsured people than many other states. However, 27% of Michigan's uninsured mothers are in low income families (below 200% of the federal poverty level, which is $14,630 a year for a family of three).

This is because the Medicaid cutoff for non-disabled adults in Michigan is so low. In the average family of three, once her 12 months of Transitional Medicaid have expired, the mother is not eligible for Medicaid when earning more than 66% of the federal poverty level.

What can Michigan do? Raise the Medicaid income level to at least 100% of the poverty level, which would allow a parent to earn $1,220 a month and get Medicaid. Fourteen other states have done so, and several have raised it to 200% of poverty level.

Also, the state can seek permission from the federal government to use its leftover SCHIP funds (the federal funds used for the MI Child program) to cover parents. Several states have gotten that permission. Michigan won't even ask.

If the state wants all those families who have left welfare to have stable families, it needs to assure the parents have medical care.

Health Facts Online

The Kaiser Family Foundation announced a new web site. The site includes facts on health status, health insurance coverage, Medicaid and CHIP eligibility, minority health, women's health, and more. The information is listed as 50-state comparisons or as profiles of individual states.

The address is: www.statehealthfacts.kff.org

Detroit Chapter Meeting:

Thurs Sept 20, 7:30 pm
with Dr. Oscar King
Detroit hospital director
At: First United Methodist Church of Berkley
12 Mile Road, two blocks west of Coolidge; park in the lot on the west side, enter from Kipling, east side.

Help Wanted:

MichUHCAN needs clerical help: maintain mailing list, type and distribute meeting minutes, mail newsletter, miscellaneous correspondence. About 10 - 20 hours/month; $10/hour. Must have own computer. For information contact Margie Mitchell (248-477-7911).

Statewide MichUHCAN

meets Friday October 5, 3pm at Livingston County offices in Howell. Phone Margie at 248-477-7911 for more information.

E-mail bonus for September, once again provided by Jim Ramsel


1. Health Care 2000 is very proud to announce that the Sept. 29th Conference "Health Care Revisited" will feature a special meeting of the Pacific Rim Single Payer Summit (4 state coalition - Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California - founded in 1996) - to update us and most importantly ANSWER QUESTIONS on strategies that work for them. Betty Johnson of Health Care for All-Oregon - will update us on the current signature drive to place a single payer initiative on the November 2002 ballot.

Don Bechler - Health Care for All-San Francisco - if he makes it to the plane on time.

And by special invitation:
Arlene Bolvin - Coalition for Consumer Justice, to speak about recent single payer legislation in Rhode Island.

Phil Tubbiolo - Health Care Action New Mexico Coalition.

Program will also include full update and analysis of recent single payer legislation in Maine.


Our keynote speaker for "Health Care Revisited" will be former Senator and Supreme Court Justice Phil Talmadge.

Speakers to include Rev. Jeffrey, New Hope Baptist Church; Senators Thibaudeau and Franklin; former Governor Mike Lowry; Cathy Miller RN, Harborview Medical Center, SEIU1199 NW.


The conference is at Seattle University's Pigott Auditorium in the First Hill section of Seattle, Saturday September 29, 2001. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m., and the conference will end at 4:30 p.m.

You may park free of charge in the lot located immediately east of the auditorium.


Carpooling may be available. If you want help with carpooling, just email us at info@healthcare2k.org.


We encourage people from all over the state (and beyond) to attend this conference. If you need a place to stay, some of our local supporters may be able to offer accommodations. Just email us at info@healthcare2k.org or call us toll free at 1-877-903-9723.

* Credit Card registration: In addition to registering on our website at http://www.healthcare2k.org, you mayregister by email to info@healthcare2k.org with the following information (or print this and mail it to Health Care 2000, 802 NW 70th St., Seattle WA 98117):


$100 - cosponsor
$75 - supporter
$35 - regular
$8 - low income, student (covers cost of lunch)

Card Number ___________________________

Expiration Date: _____________

Name as it appears on card: ___________________________

Amount: $_____________

Number of registrants: _____________


E-mail address for Jim Ramsell: ramselj@efn.org
Owner single-payer list: single-payer@efn.org
Owner of list government: of_by_and4_whom@efn.org
My webpages are at http://www.efn.org/~ramselj
One is on universal single-payer health care,
and the other on "Is America a Democracy?"